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LONGi Magnet Co., Ltd. has proven to be the leading manufacturer of industrial magnetic equipment in Asia, including magnetic separator, lifting magnet, eddy current separator, metal detector, WHIMS, vibratory feeder, etc. and provides the best solution for clients' requirements.


LONGi’s Mission: 

The name LONGi has two meanings. One of these, according to it’s Chinese pronunciation, means “prosperous enterprise”. This embodies the pursuit of every LONGi employee for development and creating a long lasting business. The other is to pay homage to the ex-president of Lanzhou University, Mr. Jiang Longi. By naming the company this way LONGi expresses the appreciation for the alma mater of the founder and the respect they have for their mentors there. The dominate colors of the LONGi logo are red and black. The red represents the enthusiasm and care LONGi devotes to it’s customers .The black represents the reliable service and the spirit of unity that LONGi devotes to both the customers and the company as a group. In addition “The Experts In Magnetic Technology” stands for LONGi’s commitment to developing and offering the most advanced products available along with a continued focus on the future and how we can make the developments needed to always be a leader and never a follower as new advancements in the industrial magnetic field are developed.


Management Philosophy:


LONGi’s Mission Statement: To be the most competitive global supplier of industrial magnetic equipment.

Reliability: Means simply that LONGi guarantees to every customers that they will be provided with quality products, reliable service and the best performance possible. This requires us to not just have the ability, but, the knowledge and care to provide each of our customers the best solution based on their unique situation.

Value- Added: Means that LONGi is committed to creating a product that in turn will be the best fit for our customers long term needs. Factoring in efficiency, running costs, maintenance cost and the initial price comprehensively LONGi strives to offer the best benefit and value for each customer giving them the biggest return on their investment.

Convenience: Means that LONGi is devoted to make the customers goals easier and obtainable. This includes all aspects of the process from the initial inquiry to the ordering of spare parts years later and all the pieces in between.


R&D Center:
LONGi owns and operates a world renowned research center that is second to none. Created and built in cooperation with Northeastern University and The Institute of Electrical Engineering under the guidance of China’s Academy of Sciences. It is the only magnetic laboratory of it’s kind in Asia. LONGi currently holds over 39 national patents and has both CE and ISO 9001 certification a professional engineering staff coupled with a high production capacity, unparalleled innovation and development means that LONGi can provided technologically advanced equipment to it’s customers worldwide.

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