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   The core values of LONGi Magnet are customer based. Our main objective is to fulfill our customer’s needs with prompt and professional service. LONGi was created by our customer’s having faith in us and each day we do our best to prove them right.


LONGi’s service team is well prepared to service our customer’s needs 24 hours a day.

The first step is a discussion with one of our highly trained customer service support agents. They will go over your request and see what the next step is for us to provide you with a solution. After that LONGi will have our engineering department look over your needs and discuss what we can do next to solve your needs. For some requests the next step may to use our state of the art testing facilities to see what solution may be best for your needs.

After the quote is prepared and sent out and a decision is made LONGi will assign the project to a team of engineers fully devoted to integrating the solution into your current or future plant. Doing this LONGi will not just use magnetic engineers, but, also some of the full staff of mechanical, electrical, and structural engineers we employ.With more than 1/3 of our staff possessing an engineering degree and many with a long term history of providing solutions such as these. LONGi is well equipped to handle most any situation that may arise.

The process doesn’t just stop there though. LONGi also has many locations strategically placed around the world to stock spare and replacement parts. We understand that each moment you are down or unable to operate at full capacity you are losing out. With that in mind LONGi commitment to you is to minimize delays and while many suppliers work “bankers hours” LONGi realizes the wrld works 24 hours and plans for your needs accordingly.

At LONGi we know that being the best and largest supplier doesn’t mean we deserve your business, but, instead we look forward to earning it from you everytime.

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