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Service network of LONGi Magnet reaches to mining, metallurgy, power, recycling industry, ect. in China and LONGi has exported to more than 50 countries like America, Canada, Brazil, Australia, Russia, India, Ukraine, Malaysia, etc.

The service network of LONGi magnet reaches out across the globe allowing LONGi to not only allow LONGi to service our customers quickly, but, in the fastest most cost effective way possible. Over the last few years not only has LONGi exported all across China, but, to more than 50 different countries such as America, Canada, Brazil, Russia, India, The Ukraine, Philippines, Mexico, Malaysia and many others. By keeping spare parts on hand and in key areas LONGi is able to minimize the effects that a down unit could cause and increase the customers time processing. LONGi also has made it a goal to use standard and easy to find parts while picking from the best manufacturers throughout the world.

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