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Exploration in Non-Metallic Mineral Processing Industry
Release time:2014-09-30
Non-Metallic, metallic and fuel mineral are backbones of material industry. LONGI Magnet has developed a series of magnetic equipment for non-metallic minerals like feldspar, kyanite, kaolin, spodumenite, zirconite, nepheline, fluorspar, sillimanite, etc. based on rich study in non-metallic mineral process and abundant experience in application of magnetic technology. 
On August 9, 2014, LONGI Magnet service team reached a feldspar concentrator plant in Chengde, Hebei. 8 sets of wet high intensity magnetic separator (WHIMS) and wet drum separator from LONGI Magnet are running at this facility. Construction and operation of this plant pay much attention to environmental protection. Environmental friendliness and energy saving are key reasons that they choose LONGI over other supplier. 

concentrator plant of feldspar

LONGI service team at mine site

wet magnetic drum separator applied 

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