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LONGi Magnetic Separation Technology is Adopted by Anshan Iron and Steel Group Coporation
Release time:2015-07-17

(From China Metallurgical News) Iron and steel companies pay more attention to environment protection and cost reduction as the continuous development, especially slag development. It is urgent demand for comprehensive utilization of slag to enhance ecological civilization construction and promote industry industry upgrading. The slag production line is in the primary stage in China now. The T Fe grade of slag and magnetite are 60% and 35%, and metal content in tailing is 5%. It is limited for cyclic utilization.

LONGi is state new high-tech enterprise and devotes himself to study, produce and develop magnetic product. LONGI has the unique lab for slag comprehensive utilization in China and achieved several patents. The process of slag comprehensive utilization increases recovery and Fe content in material. The T Fe grade of slag is more than 90%, T Fe grade of concentrate is 60%, Fe content in tailing is less than 1%.

LONGi magnetic separation technology is adopted by Anshan Iron and Steel Group Coporation whose capacity is 1,000,000t and has avhieved high value-added product through the process with high efficiency and finish maching. With the deep study, LONGI produces great economic benefit and social benefit for Anshan Iron and Steel Group Coporation and other companies .  


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