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LONGi Magnet has been dedicated to the research and development of the newest industrial technology since our founding over 20 years ago. This dedication is what makes LONGi “The Experts in Magnetic Technology”

Developed lifting magnets that can pick up and discharge several items consecutively. Developed wet drum separators for the recovery of heavy media.

Developed a new style of eddy current separator, a wet drum magnetic separator and a fire proof magnetic separator each being well received by our customers in the field.

Developed both a super-conductive electromagnetic separator and an oil-cooled electromagnetic separator.

Created the first vertical ring WHIMS for use in the magnetic separation of weakly magnetic material and was listed in the National Torch Plan.

Developed a high gradient magnetic filter for condensation water processing.

Developed a zero waste steel slag processing line.

Designed, built and put into operation the world’s largest wet drum magnetic separator the CTS-1550.

The CTS 1550 celebrated one year of consistent trouble free operation in conjunction with a magnetic floatation separator, the LGS-3000.

Introduced Russian advanced non-ferrous metal separation technology and developed LPPC seperator;successfully developed water-cooled magnetic separator.

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